UN Sanctions and Mediation: Establishing Evidence to Inform Practice

Articles & Insights | April 26, 2018 | ,

UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

A project of the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research conducted jointly with The Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID) and swisspeace

with support from

the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Switzerland

UNU-CPR Project Manager: Rebecca Brubaker

Project Partners: Tom Biersteker (IHEID) and David Lanz (swisspeace)

Project Administrator: Alexandra Ivanovic 

Mediation and UN sanctions are two essential policy instruments used by the United Nations in its efforts to prevent and resolve conflict. These two tools are almost always deployed in conjunction, although the degree of their overlap in time and the sequencing of their application vary. Relatively little is known about when and whether these tools work well together or work poorly.

In an attempt to fill this gap in knowledge, UNU, IHEID and swisspeace embarked on two-year project aimed at bringing together scholars and practitioners from the UN sanctions and mediation communities to understand how sanctions and mediation processes are deployed in tandem and how they can be employed in ways that ensure their respective objectives are mutually reinforcing.

Overall the project has two objectives:

To create a better understanding of the inter-linkages between sanctions and mediation and, in particular, of the conditions under which the two interventions complement each other.

To bring the two expert communities together to interrogate jointly when and how these tools should be deployed and how coordination can be improved

Results will be released in January 2019.