Digital Technology and Global Order

Digital technology offers tools that are intrusive, widely available, beyond state control, dual purpose, and transcend existing jurisdictional barriers. They have enormous potential to promote human well-being, but also pose enormous risks to human and international security. They create tremendous challenges for the UN and the wider multilateral system based on interstate diplomacy.

As part of this work, our AI and Global Governance platform allows researchers, policy actors, corporate and thought leaders to explore the global policy challenges raised by artificial intelligence. From global submissions by leaders in the field, the platform aims to foster unique cross-disciplinary insights to inform existing debates from the lens of multilateralism, coupled with lessons from on the ground. These insights will support UN Member States, multilateral agencies, funds, programmes and other stakeholders as they consider both their own and their collective roles in shaping the governance of AI.

The platform has three overarching themes. Firstly, it considers AI and the global order, looking at AI’s impact on the transformation of the geopolitical order and the response of multilateral institutions. The second is the governance of AI, considering how AI’s risks and unintended consequences are minimized and its social benefits are maximized through governance frameworks. Third, insights on the platform will consider the mapping of AI futures, focusing on scenarios, interactions and tensions between different actors responsible for the design, deployment, sponsorship and governance of AI.