The Triple Planetary Crisis

  • Project Status:
    UNU-CPR RESEARCHERS: Dr David Passarelli, Dr Adam Day, Dr Fatima Denton (UNU-INRA).

    UNU-CPR and the UNU Institute for Natural Resources in Africa (UNU-INRA) have partnered with the UN Development Coordination Office to support an in-depth exchange amongst UN Resident Coordinators and their UN peers on the theme Triple Planetary Crisis: nature, climate change, pollution to better understand what role the UN development system can play in responding to these important planetary changes.

    The research effort, co-led by UNU-CPR and UNU-INRA, will highlight the major challenges and opportunities for effective engagement by the UN development system in country settings. It will look creatively at the important differences across regions, inspire Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams to address the Triple Planetary Crisis through integrated policy advice, and foster critical self-reflection in the UN development system.