UNU-CPR aims to foster inclusion in global policy formulation, execution and evaluation, with a particular emphasis on voices from the Global South. We work with a range of actors to enrich our policy research. We include a visible and substantive gender aspect in our work, and mainstream gender and other diversity considerations into our process design. More broadly, we believe that norms of human rights, international humanitarian law and other international legal obligations are central to our work.

We assess all our projects to ensure that they address real gaps in policy thinking and implementation – resulting from a lack of evidence, understanding or prior policy development. We are guided in each project to a clear theory of change. In some cases, this involves offering existing communities of policy actors and advocates new policy tools and platforms. In others, it means shaping new coalitions for policy innovation from scratch. In all cases, UNU-CPR invests in impact and working as a pivotal hub – creating links between its partners and sharing ideas across its networks in both the Global North and the Global South.

To strengthen the case for policy change, we use a range of methodologies and approaches to help generate research outputs that will have maximum utility for our intended policy audiences. Where appropriate, we bring policy actors into our research design and execution processes to increase the chances of impact. At the same time, we work with a wide range of scholars from different disciplines and regions to use data and evidence to reframe problems, shake up existing policy debates and develop new policy options.

We have a deep appreciation for storytelling to achieve communications impact and aim to make our work accessible through both traditional and new media.

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