New e-learning resource supports government efforts to address modern slavery

  • 2023•02•10

    World banK

    The Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST) initiative, managed by UNU-CPR, has developed a new e-learning resource designed to support government efforts addressing modern slavery and human trafficking in the Asia-Pacific region.

    The resource targets officials in training departments, agencies and institutions connected to the financial sector, demonstrating how modern slavery, forced labour, and human trafficking connect to finance, and what can be done to help ensure the financial sector – including State-owned banks, sovereign wealth funds, or government-run pension funds – is playing its part to address these challenges.

    Funded by the Australian Government, this freely-accessible course covers financial regulations, supervision, intelligence and investigation, and is being applied in a region where an estimated 15.1 million people currently live in situations of forced labour.

    The module is divided into nine sections:

    • Understanding the Problem
    • How Governments can Help the Financial Sector Address Modern Slavery Risks
    • Compliance with Laws Against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
    • Knowing and Showing Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Risks
    • Using Leverage Creatively to Mitigate and Address Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Risks
    • Providing and Enabling Effective Remedy for Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Harms
    • How Governments and Financial Sector Actors can Address Gaps in Prevention by Investing in Innovation
    • Survivor Inclusion and Survivors’ Economic Agency
    • Post-Assessment

    Enroll on the FAST E-Learning Module for South East Asia Government Officials here

    Photo credit: World Bank