Migration and Decent Work: Challenges for the Global South

  • DATE / TIME:
    New York

    The second in a series of migration policy roundtables, this event will focus on the growing proportion of migrants, particularly those in manual or semi-skilled sectors, who face significant difficulties in accessing ‘decent work’ in host countries. This includes those migrating between the countries of the Global South, some of which have weak or developing economies and problems with job creation, which can force many people – not just migrants – to engage in precarious work and put themselves at risk of labour exploitation.

    Migrant experiences of the labor market include low wages and wage theft, poor working conditions, a virtual absence of social protection, denial of freedom of association and workers’ rights, discrimination and xenophobia, as well as social exclusion. In a significant number of cases unemployment rates, job security, and wages differ between regular migrant workers and national workers. The lack of opportunities for decent work undermines the contribution of migration to the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals and impedes migrants’ integration into host societies. It can be associated with human rights abuses and even death.

    Drawing on evidence from a recently published Dejusticia book of the same name, this roundtable brings together representatives from the UN system, international organizations, and civil society to examine the challenges of ensuring that migrants in the Global South have both the right to work and decent working conditions.

    More information and registration details will be provided soon.