Delta 8.7 Policy Guides: Assessing “What Works” to Achieve SDG Target 8.7


  • DATE / TIME:
    2021•05•25    10:00 - 11:00

    What actually works to end modern slavery? One year ago, Delta 8.7 convened three global expert Working Groups comprised of 82 members in total to produce Policy Guides — focused on the three broad domains of Crisis, Markets and Justice — that sought to answer just that. This event marked the release of these Policy Guides Guides with a panel featuring leaders of the drafting exercise in discussion of the scope of the project, initial findings, and lessons learned.

    What are the Delta 8.7 Policy Guides?

    The purpose of these Policy Guides is to provide a credible and current articulation of what we know about the global and national policies needed to accelerate progress towards Target 8.7 in a format that is useful for policy actors. They provide a snapshot of “what works” to achieve Target 8.7. The Guides do not seek to dictate to policymakers how they should organize to achieve Target 8.7 — because that requires an understanding of the specific challenges in each country, the available resources and other contextual factors. Instead, they aim to provide an evidence-based policy resource that is useful across contexts and to policy actors around the world, including those thinking about multilateral policy frameworks.


    • Katharine Bryant, Lead of European Engagement, Minderoo Foundation’s Walk Free Initiative, Crisis Working Group Chair
    • Ruth Juliet Nyambura Gachanja, Child Rights Technical Advisor, Counter-Trafficking in Persons Expert, Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Justice Working Group Chair
    • Anna Pienaar, Global Vice President, Corporate and Government Affairs, International Justice Mission, Markets Working Group Chair


    • Bukeni Waruzi, Free the Slaves Executive Director and Policy Guide Steering Group member