Changing Nature of Conflict

Robert Muggah

Urban Fragility: The Big Picture

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Robert Muggah, Research Director of the Igarapé Institute, presented a data visualisation on urban fragility developed with the support of UNU-CPR and others.

Changing Nature of Conflict | February 16, 2017 |

Tuesday Reitano & Mark Shaw

People smuggling in Libya: You can’t bomb away a problem of economics

Europe seems to think force and arms are the solution to reducing people smuggling in the volatile and fluid Libya. Even Gaddafi knew better.

Changing Nature of Conflict | January 27, 2017 | ,

What Makes Cities Fragile, and What Can We Do About It?

CPR's John de Boer interviews Dr. Robert Muggah, Co-founder and Research Director of the Igarapé Institute, about urban fragility.

Changing Nature of Conflict Video | November 8, 2016 |

John de Boer & Ronak Patel

Resilience in the Future: 2025 and Beyond

Ronak Patel is Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University.

Changing Nature of Conflict Development in Fragile Contexts | October 17, 2016 | ,

James Cockayne

Is Unbridled Globalization Creating Mafia States?

James Cockayne, Ph.D., is Head of Office for United Nations University at the United Nations in New York. He is the author of Hidden Power: The Strategic Logic of Organized Crime.

Changing Nature of Conflict | October 15, 2016 |