Kato Van Broeckhoven

Project Manager - MEAC


Kato Van Broeckhoven is a Project Manager at United Nations University Centre for Policy Research on the Managing Exits from Armed Conflict project. She was previously Research Officer on the Children and Extreme Violence Project, and co-edited Cradled by Conflict: Child Involvement with Armed Groups in Contemporary Conflict together with Dr Siobhan O’Neil.

Prior to joining UNU, Ms Van Broeckhoven worked on city-level programming aimed at preventing violent extremism in Flanders, Belgium. She also worked as a consultant for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, the World Bank’s Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development, and Columbia University’s Global Policy Initiative. Her work has focused on cities and human mobility, and her research has examined ways to prevent violent extremism.

Ms Van Broeckhoven holds a Master in Multilingual Professional Communication from the University of Antwerp and an Advanced Master in Conflict and Development from Ghent University.