Basilio Valdehuesa

Operations Manager

Basilio Valdehuesa was previously the operations manager at the UNU Centre for Policy Research in Tokyo. Prior to joining CPR, Mr Valdehuesa served briefly as Program Administrator for The Governance Lab at New York University, doing work on technology and governance. He spent seven years working as the Center Administrator at the Frank J. Guarini Center on Environmental and Land Use Law at New York University School of Law, managing the logistics of events and programs, and supporting projects to reform US nuclear waste law and environmental protection. Mr Valdehuesa also previously interned at the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the US Department of Commerce’s Afghanistan Investment and Reconstruction Task Force.

Raised in the New York area, Mr Valdehuesa spends his spare time studying Japanese, traveling, and volunteering for the Standby Task Force, a “digital humanitarian” group providing crowd-mapping services during emergency crises. He holds a Master of Science degree in Global Affairs from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Rutgers College.