Head of Communications

    Head of Communications
    New York
    UTC -4

    The Head of Communications will support all research and organizational initiatives in New York and play a significant role in the expansion of UNU-CPR into Geneva, spearheading major new communications initiatives in both locations. The incumbent has experience with communications for a global policy audience and is strongly committed to working closely with researchers to communicate research for policy impact. A well-rounded communications specialist, they will have substantial experience in a variety of communications strategies as well as excellent editing and writing skills.


    Working under the direct supervision of the UNU-CPR Executive Director, the role of the Head of Communications will include the following:

    Oversee strategic communications activities at UNU-CPR

    • Conceptualize, design, and execute the UNU-CPR communications strategy, and advise on new strategic communications activities that help position UNU-CPR strongly with key stakeholders;
    • Provide strategic advice and expertise to the Senior Management Team on a wide range of communications topics, methods, and approaches. This will include anticipating and resolving communications-related issues, including the management of reputational risks;
    • Take the lead in strategy, planning, development, and implementation of global communications campaigns (e.g. around new UNU-CPR projects, the launch of UNU-CPR flagship publications), working closely with research leads to anticipate and develop campaign messaging and themes;
    • Provide advice and support to UNU-CPR and project personnel on stakeholder relations, the promotion of UNU-CPR research and policy events and assist with the communication of research outcomes. Produce associated communications collateral as required and advise on project-based budget plans related to communications in collaboration with policy and research and project personnel and under the supervision of the Executive Director; and
    • Build strategic partnerships, including with donors and UN agencies, to amplify messaging, increase resources and ensure impact. Represent UNU(-CPR) and internal and external coordination groups, such as the UNU Global Communication Group.

    Lead and develop UNU-CPR communications capacities and policies

    • Build UNU-CPR’s communications capacity to support policymaking across the multilateral system and engagement with other researchers (academia and think tanks) in cooperation with in-house policy and research personnel;
    • Lead one project-based communications personnel and any new hires, participate in the recruitment and selection of new personnel and in the development of training programmes related to communications; and
    • Support day-to-day operations of UNU-CPR including the implementation of administrative policies relating to communications.

    Manage the UNU-CPR’s digital presence and public relations

    • Oversee the production of website content across four current websites, monitor user traffic and engagement, advise on continuous website development;
    • Oversee all public relations matters for UNU-CPR and its projects and programmes, making sure that its brand and voice reflects the values of UNU and the UN;
    • As the principal liaison to media, respond to media inquiries and proactively position UNU-CPR in the global media landscape by building and maintaining strong networks with journalists and arranging for media training for UNU-CPR personnel;
    • Identify developing stories and monitor UNU-CPR media presence through media monitoring tools; and
    • Lead UNU-CPR engagement with the UNU Office of Communications at UNU Headquarters in Tokyo on all relevant UNU-wide communications initiatives.

    Production of publications and various communications materials

    • Serve as editor-in-chief of research publications—this will require exceptional editing skills and the ability to manage vendors providing editorial services to UNU-CPR;
    • Prepare and oversee the preparation of high-quality communications products, such as reports, papers, brochures, announcements and press releases, website features, social media posts, newsletters, articles, and op-eds. Oversee the production of UNU-CPR publications from raw content to print/publication-ready;
    • Identify the need for, and manage, the production of specific types of communications products and content (e.g. videos, audio, photography, animations, interactive infographics), either by supervising in-house production or hiring and managing external vendors; and
    • Manage communications vendors and oversee communications personnel across all UNU-CPR projects and programmes.

    Perform other duties as assigned by the Director


    Apply by 3 June 2022 through UNU Careers Portal.