About Us

  • United Nations University Centre for Policy Research (UNU-CPR) is an independent think tank within the UN system. We combine research excellence with deep knowledge of the multilateral system to generate innovative solutions to current and future global public policy challenges.

    As an agile think tank with deep-rooted experience of the wider UN system, UNU-CPR is in a position to innovate, identifying new ways to solve interrelated public policy challenges. In some cases, these may be short-term priorities. In others, they may be the beginning of long-term projects that we undertake and to help lead UN policy debates into new and emerging areas of interest to the United Nations and its Member States.

    UNU-CPR has quickly become a respected contributor to UN policy debates. We have close working relationships with the Executive Office of the Secretary-General and a wide range of UN agencies and Member States – with staff regularly briefing UN forums including the Security Council.

    Since its establishment in 2014, the Centre has published over 100 research reports. Over the last two years alone, the Centre’s researchers have given over 150 briefings to a range of actors and entities, including UN and multilateral bodies, government and parliamentary committees, academic and professional conferences, as well as for civil society and private sector stakeholders. CPR researchers and projects have been referenced in a wide range of press outlets, including Reuters, CNN, Washington Post, POLITICO, The Hill, IPS, the Guardian, the Independent, World Politics Review, Just Security and many others.

    As an international and dynamic team, we have convened events on every continent and have appeared in media from Brazil to Japan. Our research partners – from Mogadishu to Melbourne and Bogota to Berlin – regularly undertake fieldwork across the world. In 2020, UNU produced reports based on research in Bangladesh, the Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Guatemala, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, the Maldives, Mali, Nepal, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Tunisia, amongst others.